Khan’t please everyone

11 04 2011

Khan-McCloskey: Schedule change

Amir Khan’s title clash with Paul McCloskey will now be shown live on the cable station Primetime.

The fight, which was promoted as a Sky Box Office event only two months ago, has now fallen into the hands of the cable network station after Sky decided to pull the plug following several changes to the bill.

Sky did believe the fight will still be screen live on Sky Sports 3 after financial terms were initially agreed with the Khan camp but that is no longer the case.

A Sky Sports spokesperson said: “Khan vs McCloskey will not be shown on Sky Box Office or any of the Sky Sports channels as it has not proved possible to reach an agreement on TV scheduling.

“Financial terms were agreed and a solution was offered for the fight to appear on Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports HD3 following the decision not to broadcast on Sky Box Office. It was not accepted.”

Despite this obvious setback Richard Schaefer, Golden Boy Promotions chief executive, told The Sun: “There is no doubt that Amir is boxing’s next true superstar and, as a world champion, is a fighter that now commands pay-per-view billing.”

Now while I do agree with Schaefer to an extent, the fact Sky scrapped their box office plans for this fight should serve as a big warning to the Khan camp. While he is a fans favourite, he is not in the Ricky Hatton mould over here and there is a lot of work to be done on that front and he is not a huge star in America either, so Schaefer should be very careful about calling Khan “boxing’s next true superstar” as there are plenty more viable candidates.

Sadly not a lot of people will see this fight now as not many people have access to the Primetime channel, just ask Carl Froch, but Khan will have to win and win in style in order to get fans back on his side because at the moment something isn’t quite right with the chemistry.

And if this is the case, Schaefer and Khan can forget about being “boxing’s next true superstar”.

See below for a fan made promo video for the fight:




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