Broken nose ends Rees-Mathews bout

1 10 2011

Gavin Rees retained his European lightweight title after his fight with Derry Mathews ended in a technical draw.

Rees hoping to retain title

Mathews suffered a broken nose after a clash of heads in the 4th round. The ringside doctor, after taking a closer look, had no choice but to call the bout off resulting in the technical draw.

Whilst the fight was close with Rees using his surprisingly quicker hands to walk down and bully Mathews; who looked to counter the smaller Rees as he walked in.

The first round probably shaded the 1st round, as he landed some eye catching combinations.

Rees, who was warned twice for hitting below the belt, struggled to get into the fight in the 1st round but upped the pace in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds as his bullying styled began to work.

The fight began to pick up the pace in the 4th with both Rees and Mathews landing some great combinations. But just as the action started to hot up; the back of Rees head caught Mathews as they traded at close range.

Blood streamed from Mathews nose and there was no doubt that the fight should be stopped leading to the technical draw.

It was a disappointing end for the fight, but there is no doubt we will see these two back in the ring very soon.





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