Barker suffers late KO

3 10 2011

Darren Barker’s brave world title bid ended courtesy of an 11th round KO at the hands of Sergio Martinez.

Barker fails in title bid

Barker put up a valiant effort as he stifled Martinez attack and limited the champ to very few openings.

The champions’ power eventually told though as he landed a brilliant right hand that caused Barker to hit the canvas.

Barker proved a lot of people wrong by lasting as long as he did with Martinez and limiting the champ to very few attacks.

But Barker rarely troubled Martinez, despite giving the champ a bloody nose in the 4th.

Barker continued to work the bloody nose of Martinez in the 5th  but Martinez stepped it up a gear in the 6th and landed with some good combination work. Martinez began to show his class and finished the 7th and 9th round better.

The champ stepped it up a notch again in the 10th as he rocked Barker with two solid rights which caused Barker to return to his high shell guard to see out the round.

As Barker tried to open up in a bid to win the round in the 11th, Martinez landed that high right that caused Barkers’ knees to buckle and end the fight.

Barker walked Martinez down well enough, with his high shell defence working well. Yet it was his failure to really let his hands go when he had the chance that really put Barker at a disadvantage.

If you don’t throw punches, you don’t win fights.

Martinez, who wasn’t at his best, kept his hands low throughout the fight, almost goading Barker to trade with him. Had Barker done this, it is quite likely that he would have been KO’d earlier and this could be one of the reasons Barker was unwilling to let his hands go.

Barker by no means disgraced himself and should get himself a world title fight again; but he has to learn from this fight. He has a very good defence and a good boxing brain; but has to throw more punches.

On a side note; I can’t believe that Sky Sports Jim Watt had the fight (I believe) even going into the 11th round.

Yes Barker did well; but he wasn’t doing enough to win the rounds. In a championship fight, as the challenger, you have to WIN it. You have to be more active and really take the title from the champion, especially if your fighting away from home. I had Barker winning 2, possibly, 3 rounds. I do find it very odd how Jim Watt managed to score it the way he did; but we all look for different things in boxing.




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