Macklin set for St Patrick’s Day title shot

13 01 2012

Matthew Macklin will be hoping for the “luck of the Irish” as he attempts to dethrone middleweight king Sergio Martinez on March 17 at Madison Square Garden. 

Macklin set for title shot

It will be Macklin’s first outing since his controversial split decision loss to WBA champion Felix Sturm last summer.

But the Birmingham fighter, who has Irish heritage, will face an uphill battle to dethrone Sergio Martinez, who is considered by many to be number 3 on the mythical P4P list.

However this is another fantastic opportunity for Macklin who, in my eyes, beat Sturm and should be the WBA champion. It’s even more shocking that Macklin didn’t receive a rematch with Sturm, who struggled again in his draw to Martin Murray last December.

It’s going to be a tough ask for Macklin because Sergio is a fantastic boxer with a wide range of skills and a very unorthodox style.

But Macklin can take heart from Darren Barker’s performance against Martinez last October where he managed to take Martinez into the later rounds before ultimately being knocked out in the 11th.

Macklin will have to have a higher work rate than Barker did, who was sound enough defensively but didn’t really offer much by way of offense. He’ll have to keep a high intensity throughout the fight and try to cut off the ring, while keeping away from Martinez fast and hurtful combinations.

Middleweight King Sergio Martinez

Having said that I think Martinez wins this either way.

If Macklin comes and looks to trade; Martinez will win via a stoppage. If Macklin tries to box and pressure Martinez; Martinez may take it by points or even a late stoppage.

It’s a tough ask for Macklin but the fight is on St Patrick’s Day and you never know how the “luck of the Irish” will come into play.




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