Groves set for Anderson rematch

13 01 2012

Groves-Anderson set for rematch

George “The Saint” Groves will come face to face with Kenny Anderson once again after the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC) ordered a rematch.

Anderson, who floored Groves in their first fight before being stopped in the sixth, has now become the mandatory challenger to British and Commonwealth champion George Groves.

Anderson told the Daily Record: “I was promised a rematch but I never got the chance to fight him again. But I am absolutely ecstatic to get this and maybe the Board of Control had to do this.”

It is believed that Frank Warren Promotions have won the purse bids and the fight must now take place before the end of May.

This is an interesting fight for George Groves and it will be good to see what he has learned from their first fight and how much has he improved.

Groves, as trainer Adam Booth is well aware, does have the tendency to leave his “chin out there” and we’ve already seen that Anderson has the power to put Groves on his backside.

Groves also displayed his lack of temperament in the first fight, where after being rocked, decided to trade and wage war; instead of boxing smart and using his defence. We’ve seen him improve in this manner during the DeGale fight where he showed a superb temperament but will it flare up again if Anderson rocks him?

Anderson came into the first fight at short notice so it will be good to see what a fully fit Anderson can do but I expect Groves to come through this one.

Groves will have to box smart and avoid being dragged into a war, which is Anderson’s best chance of winning this fight.

We know Adam Booth will have Groves fully prepared and set him up with a game plan, which Groves will have to execute. He’s done it in his last couple of fights, most notably against rival James DeGale.

It’s a massive chance for Kenny Anderson to show everyone what he can do. He has real knock-out power and if Groves decides to trade with Anderson, Kenny has a good chance of putting Groves on the canvas once more. The question is if it happens; will Anderson have enough to finish him off this time round?

This is a good fight for Groves who is still young and improving with each fight.

I expect Groves to box smart and win this fight, winning by stoppage somewhere between the middle to late rounds.


Cleverly-Bellew: Who’s ‘0’ will go?

15 10 2011

Cleverly-Bellew: Clash at weigh in

The wait is finally over as bitter rivals Nathan Cleverly and Tony Bellew clash at Liverpool’s Echo Arena tonight for the WBO light-heavyweight title.

After months and months of back and forth trash talk, the two get the chance to settle their differences in the ring.

I’m not too sure why there is so much animosity between the pair, so much so that the police were called after Nathan’s father/trainer clashed with members of the Bellew team during a press conference, but the time for talking is now over.

Cleverly is the favourite with the bookies but Bellew shouldn’t be under-estimated by anybody.

Bellew packs a thunderous punch and Cleverly would be best served not to let Bellew test his chin too much.

This fight has the potential to go down alongside the other great all British wars. Eubank-Benn, Clazaghe-Woodhall and Cooper-Bugner.

Promoter Frank Warren has said that the winner of this will be looking at the winner of Dawson-Hopkins, with the preference being the living legend Bernard Hopkins as he would be the bigger draw.

For me, this is the wrong direction to take either of these fighters in. Both are good fighters, Cleverly with the potential to be a real good boxer but the likes of Hopkins and Dawson, when his head is right, are levels above these two fighters at the moment.

Sweet Science UK prediction

I expect this to be a good old fashion tear up, with both fighters doing their best to knock each other out. The animosity between the two is so fierce that it makes DeGale and Groves look like the best of friends.

Bellew has said he’ll look to box Cleverly, which would be a mistake for him. Cleverly is a better boxer. Bellew’s best bet is to drag this into the trenches and turn it into a real war. If he catches Cleverly clean; we’ll really see how good his chin is.

Cleverly should really look to box Bellew and not get drawn into a slug fest; which can happen with Cleverly as we’ve seen in the past. He has to stick to using his skills and not get drawn into Bellew’s kind of fight.

I’m expecting a cagey opening couple rounds as both boxers try to figure each other out before things eventually explode into action. I do think Cleverly will look to stand toe-to-toe with Bellew and try and blast him out of there, even though I think this is the wrong option for him.

But I expect Cleverly to retain his title via a late stoppage.

Watch Cleverly-Bellew clash at the weigh in below:

DeGale: Put Up or Shut Up time

15 10 2011

James DeGale is ready to “win in style” as he looks to claim the European super-middleweight title from Piotr Wilczewski tonight.

DeGale: Back in action

DeGale, fighting for the first time since his controversial defeat to bitter rival George Groves, believes he will rise to the occasion and silence his critics.

DeGale told “I’ll win it style, just to shut the doubters up.”

Despite the loss to Groves, it’s DeGale who has landed the shot for the European title.

This is a massive chance for DeGale, with a win putting him in the frame for a potential world title fight at some stage next year; not to mention the eagerly anticipated rematch with Groves.

Sweet Science UK prediction

It will be a tough fight for DeGale as his opponent has only lost one of his 30 fights but I expect DeGale to really put on a show and earn a stoppage victory, somewhere between the 7th and 9th round.

DeGale will have to put any talk or a rematch with Groves out of his mind during tonight’s bout and concentrate on the task ahead of him and let his boxing skills do the talking.

If he does that; he wins this fight and the rematch with Groves will come.

Tony Dodson: It’s my time

15 04 2011

Dodson: My time

It seems an age since we last saw the likeable Tony Dodson, so The Sweet Science UK sat down with Dodson to discuss his future plans in the sport and who he thinks will be the next British star.

The last time we saw Dodson in the ring, was earlier this year in the unforgettable light-heavyweight version of Prizefighter.

Sadly for Dodson things didn’t work out as he planned, who looked fantastic up until a cut cruelly forced him out.

“Yeh, I haven’t boxed since. I’ve just had to let my cuts heal.

“There is no doubt that I would have gone on to win that tournament. I was boxing great and I was far to experience for Travis (Dickinson) and that counts for a lot. You only need to see my previous fights to know I would have beaten him.

“But since the Prizefighter, I’ve just been ticking over and trying to stay in shape. I’m just looking forward to fighting again to be honest.”

Dodson will be looking to face Darren Stubbs for the English title after he officially moved up to the light-heavy weight division, which he believes is the right division for him.

“Hopefully this fight will take place at the end of May.

“I should have moved up to this weight like five years ago. I have no doubts that I’ll win a title here, I’m made for this weight class.

“The overall goal is just to keep winning, working myself up those rankings and if a title shot comes; I’m going to grab it with both hands.”

Talk soon turned to the state of British boxing and the next few fights of our current stars, with Dodson giving us his opinion and prediction.

James DeGale v George Groves:

“I think Groves will beat DeGale via KO.”

Amir Khan v Paul McCloskey:

“Khan will win inside 6 rounds.”

Nathan Cleverly v Juergen Braehmer:

“Cleverly’s fight is the toughest by far but I think he has the tools to beat this guy either by late stoppage or points.”

He also predicted previous opponent Carl Froch to win the Super Six tournament and declared Froch a “class act”.

“When I was growing up I looked up to Tyson but now it’s the likes of David Haye and Carl Froch. They’re the best at what they do. They’re so professional when it comes to the training and the way the hold themselves in public. Real role models.”

Dodson also predicted Martin Murray to become Britain’s next big boxing star.

“Murry is world class and a proper nice fella.”

Rocky blasts his way through

24 03 2011

Rocky Fielding: Prizefighter champ

Local lad Rocky Fielding was the surprise package as he won the super-middleweight Prizefighter in Liverpool tonight (Wednesday 23 March).

Fielding upset the odds as he blasted his way to the £32,000 prize fund by beating Tobias Webb in the final.

Fielding had to get past knock-out artist Patrick J Maxwell and Joe Ainscough before stopping Webb in the final and becomes the first man to win all his fights through stoppage. Webb, who had the harder route, beat former world champion Robin Reid and Jahmaine Smyle.

You could tell Webbs last fight (against Smyle) took it out of him and Fielding was very smart by attacking the body of his weary opponent. Webb just couldn’t handle it and dropped to his knees after Rocky landed a fantastic hook to the body with just 20 seconds left on the round one clock.

Webb was then saved by the bell after another knockdown, but his corner decided enough was enough.

This was the definitely the right call as Webb had nothing left to give and was really drained because of his two previous fights.

The first fight of the night saw knock-out artist Maxwell face off against Fielding. The first round began really scrappy, but Rocky took the centre of the ring and began trading with the big puncher. In the second round, Fielding again took the centre of the ring and landed some great shots, dropping Maxwell twice before the referee called a halt to the fight.

The second fight of the night was probably the most controversial as Ainscough beat Wayne Reed via split decision, despite Ainscough being dropped in the third. If I’m honest this was the worse fight of the night, with neither fighter displaying any real skill. Ainscough came out swinging wildly, displaying no defence while the cocky Reed wasn’t good enough (despite some of his earlier predictions) to exploit the obvious lack of defence from Ainscough. Even so, I thought Reed won the second and third rounds and was surprised as anyone to see Ainscough progress.

The third fight saw former world champ Reid take on Webb. Reid was disappointing in this fight, looking very sloppy and always looking to tie up when on the inside. I take nothing away from Webb who thoroughly deserved it, but Reid looked a shadow of his former self and should definitely stick to retirement.

In another shock, pre-tournament favourite Carl Dilks lost via a split decision to Smyle in the final quarter-final. Dilks looked as though he hadn’t recovered from the pounding DeGale gave him and despite winning the first round, was pressed back throughout the fight by the stronger Smyle. Smyle had Dilks rocking in the second but couldn’t finish the job but continued to press forward to take the split decision win.

The first semi-final saw Rocky blast past Ainscough in the first round. Despite knocking Ainscough down, the referee declared it wasn’t to be as he felt Rocky pushed Ainscough down but I’m still not sure. But Rocky wasn’t to be denied and continued to land some brutal shots, resulting in two cuts (one above the right eye and one between both eyes) which forced the referee to stop the fight in round one.

Webb came through another exhausting fight with Smyle but did enough to claim a unanimous points victory. Webb moved well throughout the fight and picked his shots well as Smyle continued to come forward time and time again, despite a cut on his mouth.

However the night belonged to local lad Rocky Fielding, who entered this tournament at short notice. He blasted his way through the tournament and was a deserved winner.

DeGale and Groves: War of words

18 03 2011

DeGale v Groves: Bad blood

James DeGale and George Groves met on Sky Sports Ringside last night to discuss their upcoming fight.

After watching these two go at it, I can’t wait for the May 21st showdown. You can literally feel the animosity between the two and I can see this ending in a KO for someone, with my money leaning towards DeGale at this stage.

I must admit, even though I am a DeGale fan his antics on Ringside left me feeling a bit annoyed. DeGale came across as childish, while Groves seemed very focussed and much more grown up.

But it did remind me of the build up between Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton with Mayweather boasting and bragging while Hatton remained calm and collected throughout.

And we all remember what happened with that fight.

Watch the segment from Ringside below:

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DeGale-Groves: Fight signed

17 03 2011

DeGale v Groves: Rivals to meet

The long anticipated showdown between James DeGale and bitter rival George Groves will finally take place May 21 at the O2 Arena.

It’s the first time the two will meet since Groves beat DeGale in the amateurs and it’s safe to say there has been a lot of bad feeling ever since. The fight will take place on the under-card of WBO light-heavyweight fight between champ Jurgen Braehmer and Welshmen Nathan Cleverly.

To be honest I can’t see anything but a DeGale win so long as he is focussed. Groves is a danger but has shown himself to be a bit rash and I’m not sure if he has the right temperament at this stage of his career.

DeGale has shown he is coming of age in the professional division, with his superb win over Paul Smith to claim the British title last year.

To me, if DeGale is focussed then I can see him getting Groves out of there within six rounds; if he wants to. I believe DeGale wants to prove a point against Groves because that loss in the amateurs will have hurt his pride (no matter what he says in the press) and will be looking for a knock-out.

Groves best chance of winning this fight is getting on the inside and working the body. He has got the power to stop DeGale but I wonder whether he has the right skill set to get the better of DeGale’s defence, which improving every fight.

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