WBA grant Khan rematch

14 01 2012
Amir KHan

Khan granted rematch

Amir Khan has been granted a rematch with Lamont Peterson by the WBA, following an appeal by Golden Boy and Team Khan.

Khan lost his IBF and WBA light-welterweight titles to Peterson in December following a split decision victory for the American.

The fight had its fair share of controversy as Khan was deducted two points for pushing by referee Joe Cooper, while “mystery man” – IBF associate Mustafa Ameen – was judged to have interfered with the judges’ scorecards.

Since the fight the Team Khan and Golden Boy have been very vocal in their protest and have now finally got their wish. They also launched a complaint with the IBF and a hearing has been scheduled for January 18.

The WBA released the following statement:

“Peterson’s split-decision victory over Khan in Washington DC has been riddled with controversy as a result of a plethora of anomalies in connection with the bout,” a statement read.

“Acting under its authority pursuant to WBA Rule C.26, the WBA concluded that the bout’s outcome was impacted by referee Joseph Cooper’s questionable failure to credit Khan with a knockdown in round one and his questionable decisions to deduct points from Khan in rounds seven and 12.

“As further cause to order the rematch, the WBA also pointed to Mr Ameen’s apparent intrusion into the scoring process as well as possible discrepancies between the score sheets of the two sanctioning organizations and the local athletic commission.

“In its resolution mandating the rematch, the WBA went out of its way to note that, under normal circumstances, it would not disturb the discretionary function of a referee.

“However, in this case, because of the multiple irregularities, it was necessary for it to order the rematch.”

Well I suppose a rematch was always going to happen once Team Khan and Golden Boy lodged their protest but I think a rematch was warranted just because of the closeness of their first fight.

But the way in which Team Khan have acted in getting this rematch has left a bad taste in some fans mouth, who believe Khan has been “classless” and should be embarrassed by his behaviour. He’s never really given Peterson much credit or acknowledged his mistakes/flaws that contributed to the closeness of their first fight, instead choosing to label the fight a “fix” instead.

Now the rematch is going to happen Khan cannot make the same mistakes he did in the last fight. He seemed too preoccupied with moving up to welterweight and a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

For me I can see this fight going exactly the same way as the first unless Khan has significantly improved since that meeting, which I can’t see. Khan has trouble with pressure fights and guys who fight on the inside, proven in the first fight with Peterson and with his fight against Marcos Maidana.

I really don’t think Khan has the boxing I.Q. to make adjustments in the fight when things are not working out for him. For instance, he complained about Peterson coming in low with his head. Instead of complaining to the referee and pushing Peterson off, why not take a step or two back and throw an uppercut?

He seems fine when sticking to a game plan that is working but once that goes he doesn’t seem able to make the adjustments during the fight. He resorts to getting into a war, which is great for the fans, and trying to prove his chin.

But I’m expecting Khan to win the rematch via points. I still think he won the first fight by one or two rounds but he made the fight a lot harder for himself.

If Khan can stick to a game plan and learn to make the right adjustments in a fight, he should win this fight. I can’t see Peterson winning a close fight again.

It’s a good fight for boxing fans to see because their first fight provided great entertainment so let’s hope the rematch lives up to the billing.

Khan has to stay focused on the task in hand here though. He’s already said (now the rematch has been given) he’ll knock Peterson out and will fight Mayweather in the next 18 months, which makes me think he hasn’t learned from the first fight.

He has to stay focused on Peterson and work on his weaknesses in order to get past Peterson.

If he manages that he has to fight Timothy Bradley, just so we can see who the best fighter at 140lbs really is.

After that Khan can move up to welterweight but he’s a long, long, long way off from fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.


“The ref didn’t warn me” – Khan

16 12 2011

Khan docked points

Following his controversial split decision defeat to Lamont Peterson, Amir Khan is continuing his protest by lodging a complaint with the commission.

Now before any jumps at me and claims this is a witch hunt against Khan; it isn’t.

I give Khan all the credit in the world. He’s done fantastically well to get to where he has following the devastating loss against Peterson and I give him credit for always wanting to fight the best.

But I just don’t understand where Amir is coming from on this.

He told Sky Sports (around the 2.10 mark for those who want to get straight into it):

Now you’ve clearly heard him say it’s the first time he’s been warned and that the referee took him to the side and took the point off without any warning. Correct?!?

Here’s another interview with the panel at Ringside:

Again it’s a similar sort of story, with Amir feeling as though he should have been warned.

Now from what I remember of the fight, Khan was continually warned before the 1st point was deducted and continually warned again until the 2nd point was deducted.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the proof:

Now to be fair I understand Khan being worried about a potential head butt from Peterson but to my recollection Peterson has never been warned or even known for any head butting tendencies (I could be wrong).

But at the same time should it have been that big a concern? There were many times where Peterson’s head wasn’t low but there was still pushing from Khan.

Khan has all the tools to be a really good boxer but all this talk of fighting a Mayweather or Pacquaio has to stop. If I’m honest, if Khan does make the step up to 147 he’s going to struggle if his weaknesses aren’t corrected.

I don’t see the guy beating a Victor Ortiz, Juan Manuel Marquez (the fight could be made at a similar catch weight as the Pacquaio fight) and even a Timothy Bradley. Now I did pick Khan to beat Bradley prior to the Peterson fight and I still think he can but considering how badly Khan struggles against pressure fighters, Bradley would give Khan all sorts of problems; especially if Khan doesn’t correct these weaknesses exposed by Peterson.

On a separate note I was a bit disappointed with the interview the Ringside panel gave Amir Khan. Jim Watt, who I believed called the fight, wasn’t there. Now I’m not Jim Watt’s biggest fan but he was the commentator who seemed to be aware of the referee’s warning.

Now to me the panel here didn’t press Khan about this issue and just allowed him to slide away. I have great respect for Adam Smith because I believe he’s done a great job for British Boxing. The same goes for Johnny Nelson.

But I just felt as though they’ve let Amir escape a little here. Maybe that’s to do with the fact they don’t want to upset the guy seeing as he’s still signed to Sky Sports for two more fights but I don’t know.

However, if I was Amir I’d concentrate on getting a rematch with Peterson. Train hard, don’t overlook him and work on your weaknesses.

Khan fails to shine

17 04 2011

Khan-McCloskey: Controversial ending

Amir Khan held onto his WBA light-welterweight title after a controversial ending to his fight with Paul McCloskey in Manchester.

The fight was called off in sixth round following a clash of heads which left McCloskey with a small cut just above his left eye.

The doctor strangely enough was immediately called into the ring to check out the cut, and despite the cut bleeding along the challengers nose instead of into his eye, referee Luis Pabon stopped the fight.

The result went to the score cards with all three judges giving Khan every round.

Khan was clearly in control throughout the six rounds and was never really tested in truth by the challenger. The awkward Irishman never really threw too many combinations, as he threw just one or two shots at a time and definitely didn’t deserve to win a single round.

Khan peppered McCloskey with shots throughout the six rounds without really hurting him but was firmly in control as he displayed his lighting fast hands and good discipline. However there were occasions when Khan seemed to be running in with his shots, and against a better opponent you can bet he would get punished for that.

The sad thing about this fight was I believe McCloskey would have at least gone the distance with Khan as he was rarely hurt, despite Khan’s dominance. The fans, those there in the arena and those who paid to watch it at home, were robbed of seeing a full fight.

The referee must surely be looked at following this fight and serious questions will have to be asked as to why McCloskey’s cut man wasn’t given the chance to look at the cut. I mean what’s the point of having a cut man if he isn’t allowed to chance to do his job?

Hopefully McCloskey will have a chance at world level because it is sad to have your dream taken away because of a bad refereeing decision.

One thing is for sure, Khan will have to significantly improve to have any chance against Timothy Bradley. One this form Bradley will have no problems dealing with Khan and will be the one to unify the division.

See below for the explosive post-fight press conference:

Khan must deliver

16 04 2011

Khan-McCloskey: Who will win?

Amir Khan takes on Paul McCloskey in a defence of his WBA light-welterweight crown tonight (Saturday 16 May) at the MEN Arena in Manchester.

Khan has come under criticism from some quarters for taking this fight on but with Khan wanting to fight around this time of the year, was there really another viable opponent?

Those expecting him to fight Juan Manuel Marquez or Bredis Prescott are quite deluded. Marquez, despite his age, is still a class above Khan, while Bredis Prescott was no more than a flash in the pan who was school by Kevin Mitchell last year.

We all know it’s a stay busy fight for Khan who should win before going on to face American Timothy Bradley this summer in a unification bout, that is assuming everything goes to plan for the Bolton-born boxer who has had to deal with the fight being withdrawn from Sky Sports and moved to Primetime cable network.

So Khan’s will need to display the mental toughness he showed following his defeat to Prescott and in those few rounds when rocked against Maidana.

The last time Khan was expected to walk over an opponent like this was when he faced his darkest hour – as he suffered a KO at the hands of Bredis Prescott. Now I’m not saying McCloskey will do this to Khan as Khan has become a better fight under the guidance of renowned coach Freddie Roach.

But McCloskey is a tricky opponent who is undefeated and he’s coming over here with a real desire to win. He’s not just here to make up the numbers. He can punch and be very awkward at times with the way he throws his punches.

Some people forget that McCloskey is a champion in his own right and he has every chance of causing an upset. He is the total underdog and has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Sweet Science UK prediction

If Khan starts quick, which he tends to, and McCloskey has his mind elsewhere this could all be over within 4 rounds.

However if McCloskey can weather the storm in the first few rounds then he has a punchers chance. McCloskey’s best bet is to draw Khan into a toe to toe battle because McCloskey can punch and Khan’s chin is still questionable despite his performance against Maidana.

But I think Khan will have too much hand speed and power for McCloskey and I believe Khan will come into this fight with a real desire to put a show on for his homecoming fight.

I can see Khan winning via KO inside 7.

See below for HBO’s Max Kellerman’s prediction.

Don’t forget to tune into Primetime from 8pm to watch the fight.